Aside from studying Interior Design, College of Engineering, Maram AlNemer started working on contemporary photography since 2014 through her own knowledge and intense research. Her main inspiration comes from personal experiences. She reflects those emotions and thoughts through movement. By limiting her use of superficial factors to convey emotions, the main focus goes to body movement. Her line of work is centered on movement because it is a reflection of her deepest thoughts, deep rooted emotions that are attempting to break out.


The best work comes from our inner selves projected outwards, and contemporary photography is the artistic medium that Maram felt most comfortable to reflect her thoughts into, while continuing to experiment with new artistic mediums that will add another dimension to her work. As well as allow her to explore many more areas to develop her work.

Her main message is to express that emotions are universal and that her photography will work as a bridge between individuals; you are not alone in your emotions.​

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